Areas of activity

The department carries out scientific researches in sphere:

  • Appraisal of administrative systems economic potential;
  • Appraisal of environmental and economic damage;
  • The development of integral estimate theory of each recipient specific values of environment and economic damage from natural resources pollution;
  • The development of goal-oriented comprehensive program on environmental protection for regions;
  • Development of appraisal methods of economic consequences of industrial enterprises destructive activity on natural environment components;
  • Evaluation of ecological damage caused by solid household waste disposal;
  • Environmental and economic esteem of the usage of solid household waste as an alternative power resource;
  • Appraisal of the economic damage from natural environment pollution;
  • Appraisal of nature protection measures effectiveness.

The department of management offers consulting services on the following directions:

  • Organization of documentation managing system at the enterprise;
  • Assets valuation of a company;
  • Financial justification of innovation projects;
  • Evaluation of business projects investment attractiveness;
  • Development and realization of effective labor payment system at the enterprise;
  • Development of social package for industrial enterprises;
  • Evaluation of conflict proneness level of a team;
  • Analysis of psychological combinability of a team members and the development of recommendations as for changing organizational behavior.

Department of Management holds trainings on the topics:

  • "Conflict-management"
  • "Self esteem  and resume: how to behave properly at the job interview"
  • "Stress-management"

History of the Department

1969 – a section of air ecological protection economics is opened under the Department of Machine Manufacture Technology. Candidate of Science (in Economics) Balatskiy Oleg. Fedorovych starts the working process. In the section there were 4 regular employees.

Since 1972 the laboratory of air pollution economics begins functioning under the Department of Machine Manufacture Technology. The increase of scientific work volumes caused the growth of the laboratory regular staff up to 18 people. The spectrum of laboratory researches is widening. Their scientific value is growing. At the same time, more and more students are attracted to scientific research work.

In 1976, the Department of Economics, Organization and Management of Machine Manufacture is created on the basis of the laboratory. Balatskiy O.F took the position of the head of the department. In 1978 the regular staff consists of 7 teachers and 23 employees. The department staff is completely formed from the specialists trained at the laboratory. Until 1986 there were 42 regular employees.

In 1991, the department had the first intake of students on the specialities: "Machine Manufacture Economics and Management" and "Production Management".

In 1993 the Department of Economics, Organization and Management of Machine Manufacture was divided into 3 departments: correspondingly "Management", "Economics" and "Finance" (on the Rector's Order # 63-Іas of 01.07.1993). Candidate of Science (in Economics), Professor Balatskiy O.F. was nominated to be the first head of the department; he held the position from July 1, 1993 till August 31, 2002. At this time, staff team was formatted, scientific and study work was carried out actively.  

From 1995 the speciality "Management in Production Sphere" is opened, and in 1996 the first specialists got their diplomas ("Production Management"). 13 from 33 students got diplomas with honors.  In 1998 the speciality changes its title to "Management of Organizations".

From September 1, 2002 the Doctor of Economics, Professor Telizhenko Oleksandr Mykhailovych becomes the head of the Department of Management. Today the Department of Management is the powerful structural subdivision of the University that numbers more than 40 teachers, postgraduates, and doctoral candidates. From 2007 the best graduates of the department get not only the national diplomas, but also international certificates IES (International Education Society). The staff team of the department does everyday work on the specialists training for managerial positions and entrepreneurship activity organization in different fields of national economy and, at the same time, they direct their efforts on the further development of future managers.  

Modern conditions of staffing support of enterprises, scientific and methodical needs require the formation of subdivisions of the department at leading enterprises of the city and oblast. Today the Department of Management has the affiliated subdivision on OJSC "Sumyhimprom". 

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